Multimedia Elective Program at CMS

Multimedia -

Welcome to the Multimedia elective! The Multimedia curriculum is designed so that all 7th and 8th grade students at any level have fun learning and applying skills in technology. The Multimedia elective program at Cupertino Middle School takes CMS students from basic computer applications into the world of multimedia. Beginning by exploring the more creative uses of Microsoft Office, students rapidly begin to explore photo manipulation, generating original graphic artwork, creating animation and posting work to the web. No matter what your technology level, you will be learning and using technology in new ways. Please look over this page and especially the "First Week" link below to get an overview of the course. 

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First Week/Classroom Expectations
Digital Citizenship+
Microsoft Word+
Microsoft Excel+
Microsoft Powerpoint+
Adobe Photoshop+
Graphic Arts+
Animation: Adobe Fireworks, GarageBand, iMovie+
Adobe Dreamweaver+