Elective: Digital Media/Multimedia
Mrs. Woodell      

Typically, there is NO homework for Digital Media or Multimedia. Adequate time will be allowed in class to work on every project.  In some cases, students may wish to work on projects home via memory stick or Google drive.  All work must be completed and turned in by the project due date.  Students who do not turn in final projects will be given partial credit for work completed.

Tests/Quizzes: 10%
Quality/timeliness of digital projects  75%
Classroom participation 15%
Students are expected to follow the district technology use agreement as covered in class and signed by both parent and student at the beginning of the year.  Students are also expected to understand and follow CMS guidelines:





Use of: iTunes/Garage Band:

Use of: YouTube:

Use of cameras, phones and other recording devices at school:

In general, cameras and taking pictures of students, teachers, or staff is not allowed at school.  As part of the multimedia elective you will be using video and still cameras for projects.  All photos and videos taken at school must be used only for school projects.  No photo or image of any other student, teacher, or staff may be posted to the web or digitally redistributed.  Failure to follow this rule is a violation of the technology use agreement and may result in losing access to technology while at school.

Use of Violence in multimedia projects and online activity (iMovies, animations, websites, etc)

NOT ALLOWED:  (Think rated “E” for everyone)


Use of “Free Time”
Occasionally there will be the opportunity for free time.  Students must complete ALL work at an exemplary level before being allowed free time.  (Students who rush to turn in less than exemplary work will not receive free time – work will be checked and graded before free time is allowed).  Free time includes any use of the computer that is appropriate.  Students may listen to music, view YouTube, play online games, or work as long as the “E for Everyone” guideline is followed.  This means that anything that is being viewed or listened to is appropriate CMS behavior.  Students may not watch or play any media that includes: foul language, suggestive language, inappropriate actions or words towards others (bullying, racist humor), violent behavior, weapons use, inappropriate dress code.  Basically, if you wouldn’t be allowed to say or do anything you are viewing yourself at CMS, you cannot be watching or playing it at CMS.  Mrs. Woodell or any adult in the room has final say on what is appropriate or not.  Failure to follow this rule will result in loss of Free Time for the semester.


Prior to any warning, a verbal “reminder” will be issued by the teacher. 

1st  Warning
2nd Time in class OFF the computers. (one class period). Work Habits or Conduct mark at risk. (N)
3rd  Parent Contact  = additional day(s) off the computer. Work Habits/Conduct still at risk (N)
4th Referral to assistant principal. Work habits/Conduct mark dropped to U.  Possible schedule change; drop computer elective; loss of SCHOOL technology privileges.

***If a student disruption is severe in nature (extreme language or behavior infractions including plagiarism or cheating, damage to student work on server) there may be no “reminders” or warnings and the consequences may begin at the 3rd  or 4th level (Parent Contact Letter or Immediate Referral) depending on the nature of the incident***