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Multimedia Publications


As part of the Multimedia Publications team, YOU are responsible for gathering and distributing news to our CMS Community!  The Multimedia curriculum is designed so that all students at any level have fun learning and applying journalism skills with the use of technology.

Multimedia Publications is an elective for 7th and 8th graders who are adept at using Multimedia to create video and online material. This class is designed to provide the Morning Announcements and other CMS news through an online publication.


Things you need to know:

This is a multimedia class; we will be responsible for the digital delivery of relevant information. 

Expectations include:

      Reporting responsibly and professionally.

      Working as a team.

      Working independently.

      Taking initiative.

      Treating the equipment with respect.

      Adhering to the technology use agreement.

      Meeting deadlines


The Golden Rule:

      Behave in a way that allows others to get their work done on time!




      Video Production (iMovie/Final Cut Express)

      Photoshop/Digital image manipulation

      Web Page Design

      FTP file sharing



      Weekly newscasts 20%

      Long Term Beat assignment 20%

      Short term news video projects: 20%

      Other video production assignments/Independent creativity projects: 20%

      Professionalism: Includes tardies, classroom behavior, use of time, no phones, etc.  20%